VA benefits at Grand Villa of Clearwater in Clearwater, Florida

Veteran’s Aid & Attendance Benefits

Do you know about the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit Available for Veterans, and their Surviving Spouses?

The Veterans Administration’s Aid and Attendance Program provides benefits for seniors who served our country. The Veterans Administration offers this program for veterans, and their surviving spouses, who require the regular attendance of another person to assist with at least one of these daily activities: eating, bathing, dressing and hygiene. Care received in an assisted living community qualifies for monetary benefits. Most veterans who are in need of assistance qualify for this program. Our licensed assisted living community meets the requirements of this VA program. If you are a veteran or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for benefits.

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Eligibility & Benefits

Eligible War Time Veterans:

  1. Served active duty during war time
  2. Are 65 years old, or older, or are disabled
  3. Meet the VA asset limit
  4. Have limited income and/or have extensive unreimbursed medical expenses
  5. Were honorably discharged
Veterans aid is available at Grand Villa of Clearwater in Clearwater, Florida

The program is available to any veteran who requires the “Aid and Attendance” of another person to avoid the hazards of daily life. Once the veteran is qualified, eligible dependents include:

2018 Benefits Monthly Management
Surviving Spouse $1,176
Healthy Vet/Spouse Needs Care $1,438
Single Veteran $1,830
Married Veteran $2,169

Proud senior citizen and Veteran saluting the flag at Grand Villa of Clearwater in Clearwater, Florida

Aid and Attendance Benefits currently are tax-free, and indexed annually for inflation.

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